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Château Pichon-Longueville Comtesse-de-Lalande Pauillac 2007

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Seperating it from its across the road neighbour, "Pichon Comtesse" has a charming little Château which is currently being used as a residence by the owner, Madame de Lencquesaing. The wines strike a beautiful balance between the power of Pauillac and the richer, St-Julien. Not surprising as their vineyards fall over the two appellations! Heralded as one of the great 2nd growths, the close to 50/50 blend of Cabernet and Merlot wines deliver great finesse and breeding.

Pauillac 2007 is by Château Pichon-Longueville Comtesse-de-Lalande. It has a critic score of 62 out of 100 based on an aggregation of ratings from our partner sites. This 2007 vintage is available in 750ml volume.


Wine Vybe Icon Critic Score 62/100
Wine Vybe Icon Producer Château Pichon-Longueville Comtesse-de-Lalande
Wine Vybe Icon Blend Red Blend
Wine Vybe Icon Vintage 2007
Wine Vybe Icon Size 750ml
Wine Vybe Icon MPN # WVB-102868
Wine Vybe Icon Shipping Dimensions 3" x 3" x 12" - 2.65 lbs
7.6 x 7.6 x 30.5 (cm) - 1.2 kg
(L x W x H). Bottle dimensions without packaging.
Critic Scores & User Ratings are based on an aggregated score from our partner websites.
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Blended Red Wines

Blended Red refers to red wines made from a combination of different grape varieties. These blends can vary widely in style and flavor profile, depending on the grapes used and the winemaking techniques employed. The ABV for blended red wines typically ranges from 12-15%. They are popular for their complexity and the winemaker's ability to create a balanced and harmonious wine.

Blended red wines are common in many wine regions, with notable examples including Bordeaux blends, Rhone blends, and New World blends from regions like California and Australia. The art of blending allows winemakers to enhance the strengths of each grape variety, creating wines with greater depth and character. The flexibility and creativity involved in producing blended red wines make them a favorite among both winemakers and consumers, offering a wide range of styles to suit different tastes.

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