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La Bise Adelaide Hills Nero D'Avola

Discover this Adelaide Hills Nero D'Avola

La Bise Adelaide Hills Nero D’Avola is a distinguished wine originating from the Adelaide Hills region of Australia. This varietal showcases the unique characteristics of the Nero d’Avola grape, known for its bold flavors and deep color. The wine offers a complex palate with notes of dark fruits, spice, and hints of earthiness, creating a well-balanced and elegant profile.

With its medium to full body and firm tannins, La Bise Adelaide Hills Nero D’Avola pairs exceptionally well with hearty dishes such as roasted meats or rich pasta dishes. The wine is best enjoyed slightly chilled to enhance its vibrant fruit flavors while allowing its structure to shine through. Overall, La Bise Adelaide Hills Nero D’Avola is a sophisticated choice for those seeking a refined and expressive wine experience.

Adelaide Hills Nero D'Avola is with a Screw cap closure by La Bise.


Wine Vybe Icon Producer La Bise
Wine Vybe Icon Alcohol bv 14.5%
Wine Vybe Icon Closure Screw cap
Wine Vybe Icon MPN # WVB-113850
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Nero d'Avola Wines

Nero d'Avola is a red grape variety primarily grown in Sicily, Italy. It produces full-bodied wines with high tannins and flavors of dark fruit, such as blackberry and plum, along with notes of spice and earth. The ABV for Nero d'Avola wines generally ranges from 13-14.5%. Its popularity is due to its ability to produce rich, flavorful wines that are both approachable and versatile.

The warm, Mediterranean climate and varied soils of Sicily provide ideal conditions for Nero d'Avola, allowing the grape to develop its characteristic depth and intensity. Nero d'Avola is often used to produce both youthful, vibrant wines and more structured, age-worthy versions. Its adaptability and consistent quality have made it a favorite among winemakers and consumers, ensuring its place as a staple of Sicilian viticulture and a popular choice for everyday drinking and special occasions alike.

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