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Sicus Amphora Malvasia

Discover this Amphora Malvasia

Sicus Amphora Malvasia is a unique alcohol drink that stands out for its distinctive characteristics. This beverage is crafted using the ancient winemaking technique of aging in amphorae, resulting in a complex and rich flavor profile. The Malvasia grape variety used in this drink adds a touch of sweetness and floral notes, creating a well-balanced and aromatic experience for the palate. The aging process in clay amphorae imparts earthy undertones and enhances the overall texture of the wine, making it a truly exceptional choice for those seeking something out of the ordinary.

The Sicus Amphora Malvasia showcases the artistry and innovation of modern winemaking while paying homage to traditional methods. Its deep amber hue hints at its depth of flavor, inviting enthusiasts to savor each sip slowly to fully appreciate its nuances. With its harmonious blend of fruitiness, minerality, and subtle spice notes, this alcohol drink is sure to captivate connoisseurs looking for a sophisticated and memorable drinking experience.

Amphora Malvasia is with a Natural cork closure by Sicus.


Wine Vybe Icon Producer Sicus
Wine Vybe Icon Blend Malvasia
Wine Vybe Icon Alcohol bv 13.5%
Wine Vybe Icon Closure Natural cork
Wine Vybe Icon MPN # WVB-100893
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Malvasia Wines

Malvasia is a diverse group of white grape varieties grown in various regions, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Greece. It produces aromatic wines with flavors of peach, apricot, honey, and floral notes, often with a touch of spice. The ABV for Malvasia wines generally ranges from 11.5-14%. Its popularity is due to its ability to produce a wide range of styles, from dry and sparkling to sweet dessert wines.

The varied soils and climates of regions where Malvasia is grown provide ideal conditions for the grape, allowing it to develop its characteristic aromatics and complexity. Malvasia is often used in blends to add richness and fragrance, as well as in varietal wines that showcase its unique profile. Its versatility in winemaking and its ability to produce high-quality, expressive wines make Malvasia a favorite among winemakers and wine enthusiasts seeking diverse and aromatic wines.

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