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Indian Pale Ale (IPA) is a beer in a broader category of pale ale. The pale ale style, which became known as Indian pale ale, was widespread in England in 1815 and will continue to grow in popularity, especially as beer for export to India and other countries.

In the 21st century, IPA is one of the most popular styles of beer in the UK and the USA. IPAs derive their characteristics mainly from hops and herbal, citrus or fruity aromas. They can be bitter and contain a lot of alcohol, although the final product depends on the variety of hops used. Some IPAs may taste like pure citrus, while others are strong and bitter. Notable IPA styles include West Coast IPA, UK IPA and New England IPA.

Why are IPA beers so popular? IPAs are full of flavor and are the polar opposite of the flavorless adjunct lagers that Americans used to drink before the craft beer boom. Early craft brewers capitalized on this otherness. All craft breweries started making IPA beers, and IPAs became synonymous with the craft beer movement. As craft beer has grown in popularity, IPAs have become more popular. However, they can be quite bitter. The bitterness comes from the hops, as measured by IBU.

Fruity flavors in IPA beers are now very common. Seeing fruity IPA flavors now is no cause for shock. It’s a way for craft brewers to sell their products to more than just hop heads – and they taste great on a hot summer day.