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Wild Beer Sourdough

Discover this Sourdough

Wild Beer Sourdough is a unique and innovative beer that stands out in the craft beer market. This beer is brewed using a sourdough culture, which imparts a distinct tangy flavor profile to the brew. The use of this unconventional ingredient results in a complex and intriguing taste experience that sets Wild Beer Sourdough apart from traditional beers. With its combination of sour notes and hints of breadiness, this beer offers a refreshing and distinctive drinking experience for those looking to explore new flavors in the world of craft brewing.

In addition to its unique flavor profile, Wild Beer Sourdough also showcases exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail in its production process. The brewers behind this beer have carefully honed their techniques to ensure that each batch maintains consistency and quality, resulting in a product that is both delicious and well-crafted. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with food, Wild Beer Sourdough offers an exciting twist on traditional brewing methods, making it a standout choice for adventurous drinkers seeking something different in their beer selection.

Sourdough is with a Crown cap closure by Wild Beer.


Wine Vybe Icon Producer Wild Beer
Wine Vybe Icon Alcohol bv 4.1%
Wine Vybe Icon Closure Crown cap
Wine Vybe Icon MPN # WVB-112509
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Beer Variety | Wine Vybe

Sour Ale Varietals

Sour Ale is a type of beer characterized by its tart, acidic flavor, often achieved through spontaneous fermentation with wild yeast and bacteria. It produces a wide range of styles, from light and fruity to dark and robust, with flavors of fruit, spice, and often a touch of funk or earthiness. The ABV for sour ales typically ranges from 4-8%. Its popularity is due to its unique, refreshing flavor profile and its association with traditional and experimental brewing practices.

Sour ales are produced in many brewing traditions around the world, with notable examples including Belgian Lambics, Gueuzes, and American Wild Ales. The use of wild yeast and bacteria, such as Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus, gives sour ales their distinctive tartness and complexity. Sour ales are often enjoyed for their bold, adventurous flavors and their ability to pair well with a wide variety of foods, making them a favorite among beer enthusiasts seeking something unique and exciting.

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